Our Day in Ludlow, Shropshire, England

At the end of last year, Dave and I were looking around for hotel deals and found a Travelodge in Ludlow for £30 a night. I had never been to Ludlow, and he had been when he was a child with his school (one hundred years ago). Travelodge is not the fanciest, but hey, we were going to spend the day in the town, not at the hotel. We booked the Saturday night, weekend right before Valentine’s day.

The main route into Ludlow takes you right through the center of town and it’s quite impressive. We parked and immediately headed to the medieval castle. The castle was full of little nook and crannies and hidden rooms, which kept us entertained and occupied exploring the historic ground for about two hours. On one of the Ludlow Castle wing, there is a spirally staircase. This staircase takes you to the most incredible town views, as seen below.

View from Ludlow Castle


Ludlow Castle


After the castle visit, we had lunch at their own cafe. We both had tomato soup and a sandwich. Sadly, this meal was extremely disappointing and expensive. If you’re seriously hungry, I would recommend to visit town and discover any of the small, independent (and delicious) restaurants available.


Bye, Ludlow Castle!


We spent the rest of the day walking around, visiting different shops and discovering the town. There was a weekend market happening so the town was lively and busy, regardless of the terrible weather! While walking around we realized how many different types of architecture the town is made up of.




In the evening we went on a pub crawl. We visited 6 different pubs, our favorites being the Blue Boar and The Dog Hangs Well. There was a birthday party happening at the Blue Boar. We got to meet some interesting characters there!

It was entertaining trying to find The Dog Hangs Well. The pub is secret it seems; the entrance looks like a regular house entrance. The only way you know you found the right place is by searching for the victorian lamp outside. If it’s on, then head on in. For anyone reading this, it is a blue/black door with “4T” in the front. Hope this info helps!


Ludlow Brewing Company is a must visit



We had an excellent time. Ludlow was a fantastic choice for a quick weekend getaway. The town full of interesting places, delicious food, great pubs, and amazing history. As we have our new photo/video gear, we decided to film our adventure. This was my first time recording and editing a video; it is located in my YouTube channel, here.


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