Hello World

When I was 12 years old I started my first website. It was 1997 and the public Internet was brand new to Puerto Rico. My parents bought a second telephone line to the house in order to not interrupt the main house phone line. Back in the day, this was extravagant… but I was obsessed and wanted to be online all the time. My website was hosted on the now defunct Geocities. It was chock-full of crazy 90’s dancing stick figures and flashy GIFs. Most of all, I had pictures of NSYNC. Remember ICQ and then MSN messenger? I made a few friends from other countries, which I’m still friends with, and a lot of local friends. My life was defined by the Internet and still is.

It has been 19 years since that first website. In between, I started a few blogs, one with moderate success in a local circle. I was self-taught. I learned HTML and coding. The way I learned was to look at the code of websites I really liked and inspired me. Then CSS came into existence and everything became so much easier. However, once I started university, it all stopped. Until now.

Before starting this blog I performed a bit of research and quickly realized that things have changed so much. This blog will be my new journey and hobby. My mission statement is to share my adventures in life with others in order to inspire and bring happiness. Also, I get a website full of memories to look back upon.

My name is May. I was born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico. Life has brought me to live in Great Britain, hence the Island to Island name. Expect a lot of pictures of my dog Caligula, My husband Dave, and of England my new home.



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